Senior Camp

3rd through 6th Grades

Big Fun for Growing Campers!

(Onondaga, Tuscarosa, Iroquois and Mohawk Groups)

Our Senior Camp Divisions provide action-packed programs and facilities to engage growing campers and turn up the fun! Taking on new adventures and exciting challenges allows our Senior Camp Divisions to really shine. Expert sports, arts, and adventure instruction by experienced specialists lets our older campers take their skills to the next level. Senior Divisions also enjoy a new element of camping—choice—as they join in the popular Elective Program. Through Rolling Hills Elective Program campers choose from a tremendous range of activity options to create a customized camping experience. Iroquois and Mohawk campers even venture outside of the Rolling Hills grounds on exciting day trips. At Rolling Hills, our Senior Divisions enjoy maximum fun as they discover new talents and build friendships and memories for a lifetime!

  • Rolling Hills programs and facilities grow with our campers
  • Electives Program offers choice based activities
  • Local day trips for 5th – 7th grade campers (Iroquois and Mohawk Groups)
  • Instruction by experienced specialists
  • Large playing fields, professional quality equipment
  • All camp activities available
  • Challenging and engaging programming