Choose Your Own Adventure

Offered in all core activities: Sports, Creative and Performing Arts, Outdoor Adventure, and Swimming.

Elective periods are offered beginning in 2nd grade. Our program continues to grow along with our campers, as each age level enjoys an increasing number of Elective periods in order to satisfy campers’ growing sense of independence and exploration.


Our older campers want to express themselves and make their own decisions. By choosing their own adventures they feel empowered, build confidence, and discover hidden talents. Electives are designed to offer campers specialized instruction in activities that truly inspire them. This choice-based programming gives campers the opportunity to enjoy favorite activities and try out new experiences. Campers make all choices while in camp with the assistance of our counselors and their group mates. No matter what they choose, it is sure to be a fun-filled adventure!

“We know that Rolling Hills campers thrive within our diverse program, but we go the extra mile letting them choose their own adventure!”