Special Events

Expect the Unexpected

No Two Days are Alike at Rolling Hills… But some days are Extra Special!

In addition to the usual action packed day, Rolling Hills campers learn to expect the unexpected! Our Special Event days offer campers the chance to let loose, participate in friendly competition, and show their spirit! All events are tailored to our campers’ ages, whether the event is group wide, division wide, or involves the entire camp. Our campers love Special Events and look forward to them all year long. These high energy celebrations include exciting surprises and awesome activities at every turn, sure to delight even the most seasoned campers!


Our Special Events Include:

Camp Wide

  • World Famous Carnival
  • Wacky Wild Water Day
  • Color War
  • Talent Show
  • Halloween in July

Division Events

  • Seneca Olympics
  • Cayuga Team Challenge
  • Onondaga Games
  • Cake Decorating Contest

Special Days

  • Wild & Crazy Games
  • Breakfast at Camp
  • Safari Day
  • Graffiti Day
  • Duck Day
  • Bubble Day
  • Foam Frenzi